Hurricane Protection – Preparing Your Home from Possible Disaster

Damage caused by hurricanes can be devastating for your residence. The strong winds can smash windows, separate roofs and knock over trees and shrubs. Your residence is also prone to water damage from downpours. However, there are approaches you can take to safeguard your home from strong weather conditions. Follow the practices listed below to make sure you, your family and your house is defended from a hurricane and to prevent extreme storm damage repairs.

Things to Keep in Mind When a Hurricane Is En Route

  • Garage Door – In fact, your garage is really one of the more susceptible places when it comes to heavy weather conditions like hurricanes. The explanation: most garage doors are not reinforced and strong winds can get into the area. When this occurs, a positive push generates in the garage, and as the winds are churning above your structure, this causes a negative pull. With the push-pull combination, this can place a lot of pressure on your roof and ultimately it could rip it off your garage. To avoid this from taking place, the best resolution is to purchase a kit that braces your garage door. Although, if time isn’t on your side to put in a garage door kit, then you can use your car to support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – A common occurrence that’s correlated with hurricanes is water damage, and when your windows and doors aren’t secure this will allow the storm to get into your home. When a hurricane is approaching, make sure your shutters are durable and in a functional condition. The latches on your shutters need to be strong and you’ll also want to put additional locks on them. Boarding up your windows is also an efficient approach if you don’t have storm shutters. A common fallacy with window prep is that you can place masking tape on the window; but this won’t secure it at all. Additionally, confirm that your doors are sturdy and that the deadbolts are functioning correctly. You can also use braces on your doors for added measure.
  • Roof – Administering a quick checkup on your roof before a hurricane comes to your location can save you from a lot of property damage. A great starting point is to locate damaged shingles and apply some roofing cement to fix them. Next, check to see if there are threatening gaps where any wiring is entering in your home and seal them. This can block water from entering your house. You might want to think about getting hurricane straps to verify your roof is secure too. Additionally, you’ll want to clean out your gutters so there’s appropriate irrigation for the strong rains.
  • Your Property – Walking around your lawn is another critical measure you should take. Your shrubs and trees need consideration and might necessitate some pruning. Any dangling or dead branches can be hazardous in high winds and could cause a lot of damage to your home. This includes items in your yard like patio furniture too. Relocate any items that aren’t secured to the ground or weighed down to a secure place before the wind takes them away.
  • Car – When you’re concerned about securing your house from a hurricane, it’s understandable that you forget about your vehicle. Ensure that your car is filled with gas, that your tires have good tread, the windows are up and that your windshield wipers are working. If you have to park on the street, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not parked under any trees or in a location that is vulnerable to floods.

Professional Hurricane Damage Restoration Contractors for Your Property

Despite all the preventative measures you take in protecting your house, there is only so much you can do against storm damages. If your property succumbs to damage generated from a hurricane, call the experts at Paul Davis. The team at Paul Davis can restore your home back to normal with our storm damage restoration and remediation services. We also work with a variety of insurance companies and we can offer guidance and help you figure out if your damage is covered. Reach out to us today at 888-473-7669 to locate a franchise near your location.