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Smoke damage

Smoke Elimination Services in Greenwood, IN

Smoking tobacco indoors or enduring a fire leaves smoky odors for a long time. No matter what caused the problem on your property, it is detrimental to walls, floors, decorations around your house and leads to health problems. In the days after fires strike, smoke deposits can set around your home. If you neglect to remove the smell of smoke on your property, softer possessions in your home such as upholstery can take on the smell forever.

Metal and wood found in the infrastructure of your home is also harmed by smoke. Smoke rusts metals and discolors walls and tile. A smoky home is particularly dangerous for anyone with asthma or severe breathing problems. Luckily, you can still protect your family and house from smoke damage. Professionals at Paul Davis Restoration of South Indianapolis are trained in smoke removal and clearing the air for properties across Greenwood.

How Does Smoke Damage Elimination Work?

If you move soon after smoke damage and employ the proper treatment, it is likely your home can make a full recovery. Paul Davis subscribes to a customized approach to removing damage in houses across Greenwood. Rather than taking a blanket approach, we only use the methods needed to remove smoke damage from your home. Get more details by reaching out to Paul Davis Restoration of South Indianapolis today. Additionally, we provide comprehensive fire damage restoration services if your home has been through a fire. Some of our other services include:

  • Purifying services
  • Emergency cleanup services including soot removal and chemical residues to get rid of other damage
  • Cigarette smoke odor elimination
  • Assistance with insurance companies

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Recovering from a fire is harder than getting rid of the flames. Smoke and ash can seep into air vents and cracks in the wall, causing other items to take on the smell. Even after a fire dies, ash can cover almost every surface. This is why you’ll need to use a qualified smoke cleanup company after the fire. To get a smoke damage remediation estimate, work with Paul Davis Restoration of South Indianapolis now.

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