How the Roof of a House Reacts to Heavy Winds

Fast winds can be a nuisance for the structure of your home. If the wind gusts get violent, they can do all kinds of damage such as stripping the roof of your house. Roofs on residencies are well designed and they’re made to fight normal wind conditions in your area. Yet, when a wind storm is violent, your roof is only able to withstand so much to stay intact. For individuals who live in wind prone areas such as the Eastern seaboard where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a hazard. As a trustworthy storm damage restoration company, Paul Davis has experience in roof repairs during the storm season, and we know how roofs are distressed during strong gusts of wind.

How Are Roofs Ripped Off During Violent Wind Gusts?

The reason why roofs are blown off during violent-wind conditions has to do with air pressure. With wind, as it maneuvers through your area, it will come in contact with your residence. When the wind hits your home, and for this scenario your roof, the air flow will change. What transpires is when the wind blows across the roof, it makes the air swirl and it forms circular currents. These circular currents form a suction on the roof and pulls on it.

Atmospheric pressure is the main problem responsible when a roof is blown off. If wind enters your home from a shattered window or an open doorway it pressurizes the air inside and pushes it upwards. Combine that air pressure in the home with the force of wind pulling on the exterior and the roof stands a good chance of being damaged.

That is why it’s very important to, not at any time, open any doors or windows during a big storm. At one point it was popular to think that letting the wind flow directly through your house was a good idea, but this belief has been debunked. Boarding up your windows and doors helps keep a normal atmospheric pressure, combat flying debris from smashing windows and keeps out high-pressure winds. Also, the effects from wind pressure on your roof depend on your roof’s height, style, and location.

Dependable Storm Damage Prevention

Having your roof inspected for damaged points and areas of concern that can be repaired before a storm will help mitigate wind damage when the weather turns. Eradicating the initial point of entry for the wind means you can prevent damage to your roof during the storm. Precautionary steps might take up valuable time but the pay-off of an intact roof is worthwhile. A roof that has been inspected and repaired properly stands a better chance to withstand extreme windstorms.

Unfortunately, not all storm damage can be prevented, and that is why Paul Davis specializes in restoration and repairs. You can trust us for help when it comes to repairing damage on your roof. We know the importance of urgent servicing and we work hard to ensure your house is in the finest condition possible.